Café Touba may revive West African coffee industry September 11 2014

Café Touba, the unique spicy coffee of Senegal, really its national drink, may resurrect the West Africa coffee industry. According to reports, Café Touba has lept the borders of Senegal and is vying with the ubiquitous Nescafé on streetcorners in Guinea-Bisseau and even making its way to Europe. When I visited a Café Touba factory, where they roast the beans and djar spice on huge trays inside ovens, they told me most of the beans were sources from plots in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) or Gabon.

Harvest hits in major producing countries such as Brazil are turning eyes to the once-thriving, long-since-dwindled West Africa robusta beans. Arabica's richer flavor will always be the preference but we introduce Café Touba to North America and hope it spurs interest in its unique flavor while fostering new plantings in old West African fields.

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